Mark Twain or Monty Python?

Timothy Wilson
Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There are rumors circulating that I am resigning from Western Arts Alliance. They are, as Mark Twain said, "greatly exaggerated." When a friend on the West Coast contacted me about it a few days ago, I had a good laugh. Then yesterday, when an East Coast friend brought it up, I thought… Whoa! I am really out of the loop. To my knowledge, I have no plans to resign. However, I think the rumors are rooted in news that, under the circumstances, I need to share.

Recently I was diagnosed with a very rare form of leukemia. The good news is that the disease is slow to progress, highly treatable, and my prognosis is excellent. I'm a little tired and achy (who isn't at my age?), but generally, I feel fine. I will be getting treatment soon, and will miss some work, but the Board and Staff have my back and the situation is well in-hand. In the meantime, I’m pluggin’ away, looking forward to the conference, and the years to come. Thanks for your continued support!

So I'm going with Monty Python… I’m not dead yet!