2016 Conference

Marisol Hernandez

La Santa Cecilia started their career by serenading passersby on the embellished corners of Downtown Los Angeles’ Olvera Street.

Jerry Yoshitomi

Jerry Yoshitomi is Chief Knowledge Officer, MeaningMatters, LLC.

Renee Mitchell

S. Renee Mitchell, MBA, is an award-winning writer and author, multi-media artist, teacher/facilitator, community activist and creative revolutionist.

Sheetal Ghandi

Sheetal Gandhi is a National Dance Performance (NDP) and MAP Fund award-winning choreographer, performer, and teacher based in Los Angeles, CA.

Pamela Green

Mrs. Green graduated from Duke University with a BA in Public Policy and a minor in Drama.

Margaret Selby

Margaret Selby, with an eye for cultivating exceptional talent, manages the careers of major choreographers, dance companies and theatrical events, supporting perform

Isabel Miranda

Non-profits and Art are her callings.

Ilaan Egeland Mazzini

Ilaan Egeland Mazzini currently serves as the Program Manager, Artist Recruitment and Enga

Kristopher McDowell

Kristopher McDowell is the Founder and CEO of KMP artists.

Amy Fitterer

Amy Fitterer has served as executive director of Dance/USA since January 2011.


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