About the Tour

About the Tour

Delegates (all are invited to participate/attend)

Next Spring, WAA will organize a delegation of 15-25 U.S. and Canadian artists, agents, presenters, and more on a 10-day familiarization trip to China. This delegation to follow a group of WAA artists on a 10-day performance tour of China booked by A C Orange. Along the tour, WAA and A C Orange would offer workshops, guest speakers, panels, networking events, performances, and other cultural experiences to build their knowledge, experience and understanding of the performing arts in China. Following the Performance Tour will be the backbone of the familiarization trip.

Dates: May 4 - 14, 2016

Delegates attending the tour will pay their own travel, hotel, and meals. We expect the trip to cost $3,500 US.

Please continue to check this page throughout the Fall for more details as plans are finalized, and make sure you sign up for WAA’s updates by selecting the button below.


Performance Tour

There is a special performance opportunity for WAA Members (or roster artists represented by a WAA member).

See here for more details

About WAA’s China Project

China Project Goals

  1. To build trust, understanding, knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to undertake successful cultural exchange and business between North America and Greater China.
  2. To create new opportunities for WAA artists in Greater China.
  3. To offer WAA presenters greater access to and context for the finest tour-ready artists in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

About A C Orange

A C Orange is a privately-owned company based in Shenzhen and led by CEO John Geng. A C Orange was established in 2007 and has quickly become one of the fasting growing promoters in China. Since 2008, each year they've doubled their shows and audience compared the prior year. Today, the company operates in 30 markets around China and presents over 1,000 performances a year. By year’s end, A C Orange will have 12 venues under direct management, but in most markets, the company rents facilities or co-presents. A C Orange is successful because they carefully select artists and companies that appeal to China's arts and entertainment audiences. A C Orange is also one of China’s largest producers and presenters of family programing.