Aquí Estamos en San Antonio: Bienvenido a la Nueva América!

A personal introduction to the history, people, art, and culture of San Antonio.


Opening Tamalada

A “tamalada” is an annual community party that honors the Mexican/Mexican-American tradition of making tamales. This session will blend storytelling and history of the tamalada tradition, as a way to promote cultural pride and lifelong learning. Attendees will participate in this hands-on opportunity to learn the process for making tamales: ingredients, recipes and cooking methods. Participants take home both knowledge of and appreciation for the techniques that have been passed from generation to generation.






Session LeadersDr. Ellen Riojas Clark, Co-Author of Tamales, Comadres, & the Meaning of Civilization (2011) & Carmen Tafolla, Ph.D., Poet Laureate of San Antonio & Co-author, with Cariño Cortez (Chef, consultant, food stylist, and next-generation tamalera)