Juried Showcase FAQ

Showcase Performance Information

Q: When will the 2016 WAA Juried Showcase take place?

A: WAA's Juried Showcase is tentatively scheduled from 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 (time subject to change).

Q: Why only seven showcases?

A: First, by reducing the program to seven artists, WAA is able to make the adjudication more competitive, resulting in higher quality work. Second, it allows us to present the Juried Showcase on one day, opening up more time in the schedule for exhibit hall hours, networking events, and discovery sessions. And finally, the seven-artist/one-day program aggregates the presenter audience – so that each artist has a larger audience.

Q: Where will the showcase be held? What type of performance does the venue support?

A: This year REDCAT is hosting WAA's Juried Showcase. Located at 631 West 2nd Street in Los Angeles. The hall can support a wide range of performance.

Q: How far away are the showcases and will there be a shuttle?

A: Located at 631 West 2nd Street in Los Angeles, REDCAT is less than 1.5 miles from WAA’s Host Hotel, the JW Marriott. WAA will provide shuttle service between the hotel and REDCAT.

Q: How long is each showcase performance?

A: Fifteen minutes with a five-minute turnover.

Q: Who may attend WAA's Juried Showcase?

A: The Showcase will be open to WAA conference attendees.

Q: Will there be hospitality during the Juried Showcasing?

A: Of course! WAA will be hosting the 5th Annual Showcase Soiree. Complimentary drinks and snacks will be provided to all delegates before the performances begin, encouraging presenters to mingle with their colleagues and showcasing artists after their performances.


Application Form & Eligibility

Q: I am not a WAA member. Can I apply for WAA's Juried Showcase?

A: Yes: membership with Western Arts Alliance is not required to apply for a Juried Showcase, but if selected you or your manager must be a current WAA member registered for the WAA Conference by early-summer 2016.

Q: How much does it cost to become a WAA member, and to exhibit at the conference?

A: Membership fees are listed on the Join WAA page and are based on the gross annual fees you or your manager contract for touring. Exhibit prices are based on exhibit type and membership level; they will be published online in early-mid April. In 2015, exhibit prices ranged from $535 - $1,495.

Q: Can I check more than one Artist Discipline?

A: It is to your best advantage to check only one discipline. WAA presents applicants to the showcase jury by discipline, so choose the one category under which you would most like to be considered.


Application & Showcase Fees

Q: How much does it cost to apply?

A: The application fee is $85 and is non-refundable. If you are selected for a Juried Showcase, the $85 application fee is applied to the total showcase fee of $750.

Q: What does the showcase fee cover?

A: The showcase fee ($750) covers the costs for tech rehearsal, basic technical equipment, rhythm section backline, piano (if applicable), and stage labor. It also includes two complimentary One-Day Artist Passes to attend the conference, as well as a complimentary listing and showcase description in the WAA Conference Guide and on the WAA Conference Website.


Dates (Application Deadline & Notification)

Q: What is the application deadline?

A: Applications must be received either through the online platform or at the WAA office by 5:00 pm PST Friday, April 1, 2016. If you choose to mail your performance sample, address it to: Attn: Juried Showcase Application, Western Arts Alliance,  715 SW Morrison Suite 600, Portland, OR 97205-3102

Q: When will I be notified of the jury's decision?

A: Notifications will be sent to the email address provided on the application form no later than mid-May 2016.


Selection Process & Feedback

Q: How many artists will be selected for the 2016 WAA Juried Showcase?

A: WAA's Showcase Jury may select a maximum of seven artists to showcase.

Q: How are artists selected?

A: The selection process is comprised of three rounds. In Round One audio/video samples are played blindly by discipline for up to three minutes. This means that they are presented to the jury without introducing the name of the artist or manager. In Round Two, the jury reviews the applications that passed Round One in detail. This is the first time applicants' names are disclosed to the jury. Round Three is for final review, discussion, and selection.

Q: When will I be notified of the jury's decision?

A: Notifications will be sent to the email address provided on the application form no later than mid-May 2016.

Q: Will WAA provide jury comments to applicants?

A: No; WAA cannot provide comments to applicants because Round One of the review process is blind - all applications are presented to the jury without introducing the name of the artist or manager.


Performance/Work Sample

Q: What performance sample do I need to submit?

A: Your performance sample(s) must represent current works that you will tour. Music applicants may upload audio files in addition to video files or mail a CD in addition to a DVD of a live performance. All theater and dance applicants must submit video of a live performance.

Q: Why can't my video sample have on-screen titles?

A: Round One of the jury's review process is blind - meaning ALL video submissions are presented to the jury without introducing the name of the artist or manager.

Q: Why can't I submit my promotional video?

A: The jury will not consider promotional videos, TV news features, etc. as part of artistic assessment; your live performance footage is the best way for you to demonstrate your artistic excellence and artistic merit, which are two of the three review criteria (the third is demonstrated ability to tour).

Q: What role does my audio/video sample play in the selection process?

A: The performance sample is what is presented to the jury in Round One. The jury will listen to or watch up to three minutes of material in Round One. Those applications that move on to Round Two are then reviewed in further detail.

Q: Does WAA have any tips to help me with my performance sample?

A: We suggest providing a selection of your best work (not just one piece or 3-minute clip) for the jury to review. If you mail your performance sample be sure to label your audio/video sample with the name of the work, performing artist(s), and date of recording. Program the DVD so that the jury can jump from one piece to the next: a Table of Contents programmed on your DVD that goes directly to the section you wish to show is very helpful. If you are burning a DVD or CD yourself, be sure to test it!