Native Launchpad Program

Native Launchpad will give Indigenous artists the tools to further their careers and introduce them to the world of arts presenting and management.  As a new initiative in Western Arts Alliance’s Advancing Indigenous Performance Program, Launchpad will build capacity and connections for Indigenous performing artists in the US and around the Pacific Rim.  It is a development program for professional Indigenous artists who are interested in touring yet have little experience working with presenters and need guidance and assistance to break into the touring market. The Launchpad is a response to the demonstrated need among US-based Native American, Native Alaskan and Native Hawaiian artists. 

To achieve the biggest impact, the program will focus on twenty artists over the three years, starting with just five in year one, seven in year two, and eight in year three. Each artist is elegible to stay in the program for up to three years. Over the course of the three years, as each new group joins those previously selected, the program builds a band of relationships that each artist drawn on as they build and advance their careers. 

For more information and to apply to the Native Launchpad Program, click here.