Hispanics & Philanthropy

There’s an old adage. . . Hispanics don’t give. . . but is it truth or stereotype? While there’s an almost universal Hispanic core value of giving and volunteerism for church and charity, how does this tradition translate into other sectors, especially the arts? What motivates Hispanic patrons to board service, giving, or volunteerism? How do socio-economic, cultural, and demographic trends impact giving amongst Hispanics? What do you need to understand about a person’s identity, place of birth, age, or generational status when cultivating a Hispanic prospect? Our expert panel examines the issues, challenges, and rewards of engaging Hispanic volunteers, board members, and donors.






Panelists: Guillermo Nicolas (President, 3N Group, LLC); Celina Peña (Chief Program Officer, Accion Texas, Inc.); Ricardo Guzman (CEO, TeletonUSA Foundation); Moderated by Gabriela-Poler Buzali (Director of Development, Texas State University)