Shipping Minimums to Canada

As you may be aware, WAA has been urging people to hand-carry their materials for the Vancouver conference from the very beginning.  But as exhibitors are now really starting to get serious about planning, I wanted to reiterate that appeal and send a very direct message to everyone: shipping materials to WAA is going to be very expensive this year. 

If your exhibit materials are valued at less than $500 and your total shipment weighs fewer than 30 lbs., here are your minimum costs to ship your materials from the United States to Vancouver using NALSI, WAA’s customs broker:

$115 Canada Customs (in-bound)
$115 For Receiving at NALSI’s warehouse, storage, and delivery to the show site
$50 Out-bound documentation
$100 Out-bound clearance fee    
$380 USD

You will also pay Show In Motion, the decorator, their materials handling fee of $45 USD for any shipment less than, or equal to, 30 lbs and in 5 boxes or fewer.

If your shipment is valued at more than $500, your in-bound clearance rate from NALSI will be more.  And if your shipment weighs more than 30 lbs or cannot be contained in five boxes, your minimum materials handling charge from the decorator is $300. 

What can you do?

If you can possibly hand-carry your materials with you as checked luggage, we HIGHLY recommend doing so.  There are a few important protocols that you must follow, but if you do, you will not have a problem with customs and you avoid paying materials handling to either NALSI or to the decorator.  Hand-carrying is your easiest and best option.

If you absolutely cannot cart your exhibiting materials with you, then downsize.  Get your shipment down to less than 30 lbs in fewer than five boxes to keep your fees to $380 (NALSI) and $45 (Show in Motion), the bare minimums.

If you are a NAPAMA member, there will be a caravan this year.  If you are over 30 lbs or more than 5 boxes you should watch the NAPAMA Facebook Group, the website, and your NAPAMA Email alerts.  There will be information forthcoming.  If you qualify for the ‘small package rate’ mentioned above (30 lbs in no more than 5 boxes) you should follow up with Jerry Ross to help determine your best course of action.  He and NAPAMA have been working to keep pricing as low as possible for caravan participants.  

If you do not qualify for the caravan and 30 lbs and five boxes is an impossible goal for you, then look at your service manual kit provided by Show in Motion and the customs broker manual provided by NALSI today.  Call Shauna Newberry at Show in Motion (250-495-5025).  Call Mark Bourne at NALSI (604-775-5379).  Get your quotes and make time to make your plans today.