Display Restrictions

Restrictions Applied to All Exhibit Types

  • All audiovisual equipment must be equipped with headphones.
  • WAA prohibits live performance in The Commons except as specifically designated.
  • Artists may not appear in character or costume within The Commons.
  • Displays must not interfere with, or obstruct sight lines to, neighboring exhibit spaces (determined at the discretion of the Conference Manager).
  • Aisles cannot be incorporated as part of an exhibit space.
  • Balloons, strobe lights and spot lights are not allowed.
  • Nothing in any exhibit space may exceed 96" (8') tall; signage placed on table tops may not stand higher than 24" above the tables surface.

Exhibit Type-Specific Display Restrictions

Alternative Exhibit Options
Café Tabletop (6.5' x 6.5')
Bistro Tabletop (6.5' x 6.5')
Mini Lounge (8'w x 5'd)

  • Displays in these exhibit types must be self-standing, and all displays should be single sided and should not contain moving parts that infringe upon neighboring exhibits.
  • Alternative exhibit spaces allow one 36” wide x 96” high (3'x8') retractable display to be positioned along the back wall of the exhibit space facing forward, into the aisle. Retractables are not allowed anywhere else in these exhibit spaces.
  • One additional, smaller, free-standing poster is allowed that can lean against the front of your table that does not exceed 40" high by 24" wide.
  • Nothing is permitted to stand on table surfaces over 24” from the tabletop’s surface. (Because of their size and height, no standing signage may be placed on Bistro tables.)
  • One retractable banner, not to exceed 36” wide x 96” high (3'x8'), is allowed within this exhibit foot print. Free standing banners must be positioned at the back of the space.
  • Exhibits may not block Fire Pulls, Fire Sirens, or Fire Extinguishers in or near their exhibit spaces.
  • These exhibit types do not use pipe and drape to contain the area. There will be a small taped line either around the perimeter, or to mark the corners, of the space.

Pipe and Drape Booth Options
5' wide x 8' deep
8’ wide x 8’ deep
10’ wide x 8' deep

  • A 10’ wide display will NOT fit in the 8’ deep x 8’ wide exhibit spaces.
  • Retractable banners and/or pop-up displays are allowed but should not protrude more than 4’ from the back of the exhibit so that sight lines are open.
  • Exhibitor may not block Fire Pulls, Fire Sirens, or Fire Extinguishers in or near their exhibit spaces.
  • All displays and/or equipment over 3’ tall may not protrude more than 4’ from the back wall and may not stand more than 24” from the tabletop’s surface it stands on; this includes magazine racks, easels with display, and retractable banners.
  • Nothing in the space may exceed the height of the back 8' wall (e.g., 8' retractable banners may NOT be placed on tables).

Retractable Display

Retractable displays can save money, time, and energy. Retractable displays should be single sided and not contain moving parts that infringe upon neighboring exhibits. There are a variety of styles and makes, but most retractable displays use a rollershade-like technology to unroll and set up a fabric display panel. They are relatively inexpensive, versatile, and make a big visual impact. Many retractable exhibits are small enough to carry aboard a plane, light enough to walk into the hall, and are a breeze to set up. Most vendors also offer collapsible brochure racks.

An Internet search will yield dozens of vendors offering compact display materials. To help you get started, here are a few selected vendors from around the country: