Conexiones Lab: Innovation in the Arts

Tuesday, September 5 | 9:00AM-2:00PM

With an ever growing population of Latino patrons, presenters and artists are always seeking innovative ways to design, launch and promote new programs; with limited funding available, it is especially important that these programs generate revenue while appealing to new audiences.

3DS (3 Day Startup) is a hands-on innovation program that has been taught over 350 times on 6 continents. In this condensed version of the program, participants will propose new program ideas and strategies while forming teams around the most promising ideas. Special emphasis will be placed on concepts that appeal to Latino audiences. Participants will work through the lean startup methodology and seek patron feedback before pitching their ideas to a local panel.

3DS participants often gain powerful insights into ways to better engage audiences in their work, while uncovering new ways to generate revenue.

Who should attend: Anyone interested in program promotion or development, from directors to staff and performers.

Session leader: Maia Patrick Donohue, Senior Program Manager | 3 Day Startup