The Art of Independent Touring & Navigating the Performing Arts Market

Fanfare Ciocarlia, photo by Arne Reinhardt, courtesy of the artists and Cadence Arts Network

Tuesday, September 5 | 9AM-2:00PM

The US live and touring industry is the largest in size in the world. Yet distances, varying cultures, costs, complex legal matters and the language barrier make it the most difficult market to penetrate. So what is the best strategy for independent and foreign artists to create a meaningful presence in the US? This highly informative session is designed to assist artists to book and manage their tours independently.

We will discuss the current state of the performing arts market, building a professional team, routing, budgeting, how to maximize your presence at WAA and getting on presenter’s radars utilizing your global network. A case study of how Romanian band Fanfare Ciocarlia broke into the North American market will reveal insights into their strategy.

Taught by:

Mehmet Dede, Talent Buyer | Drom | New York Gypsy Festival
Rachel Cohen | Cadence Arts Network.