Exhibitor Policies & Procedures

Exhibitor Agreement & Ethical Guidelines

All exhibitors are bound by the Exhibitor Rental Agreement (available for download soon). This agreement must be signed and returned to WAA before an application is approved and the exhibit assigned. Dates are listed below and within the Agreement on the signature page. The Western Arts Alliance subscribes to the Ethical Guidelines of North American Performing Artist Managers and Agents (NAPAMA). By submitting an exhibit application, exhibitors agree to comply with the NAPAMA Guidelines.

Exhibitor Agreement Return Deadline*

  • Rank 1: May 17
  • Rank 2: June 1
  • Rank 3: June 16
  • Rank 4: July 1

*Your registration will not be complete until WAA has received your signed exhibitor agreement by the date specified for your exhibitor rank.

Cancellation Policies & Procedures for Exhibitors

  • Conference Registration
    • Conference attendee registrations will be refunded when requested at least 30 days prior to the conference. The administrative fee for a cancelled registration or Professional Development Institute session is 30%.
    • All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing. Any cancellation requests received after July 31 will be approved at the discretion of the Executive Director. If approved, late cancellations will be subject to an administrative fee equal to 40% of the total registration.
    • Hospitality tickets are non-refundable.
  • Conference Exhibits
  • Conference exhibits may be canceled up to 45 days before the conference only if WAA is able to resell the exhibit. The administrative fee for a cancelled exhibit space or agency registration is 30%.
  • Click here to review the full Western Arts Alliance Refund & Cancellation policy.

Exhibitor Load-In

Exhibitor Load-In is from 7:30 am – 12:00 pm on Tuesday, August 30 (full conference schedule). Late load-in is not allowed.  We ask that all exhibitors respect their colleagues and NOT set up once the hall is opened and neighbors are conducting business.

Exhibitor Tear-Down

Exhibitor Tear-Down is from 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm on Thursday, September 1. The dismantling of an exhibit space before the conclusion of show hours on Thursday, September 1 will result in a reduction of one rank in the exhibitor ranking system for the following conference. Exceptions are made only when prior notice has been given to Conference Manager in writing. Please respect your colleagues and DO NOT strike while your neighbors are conducting business.

Late Registrations / Exhibitor Waiting List

Late applications will be processed if space is available. Once The Commons (WAA's exhibit hall) is sold out, WAA will begin an exhibitor waitlist. In order to be placed on the waitlist, you must be a member with dues paid in full and purchase an agency registration (see below). When and if space becomes available, WAA will assign exhibit spaces to the wait listed exhibitor(s) in order of payments made, and will then charge for any balance due.

Agency Registration

An Agency Registration is an alternative to traditional booth exhibition - this type of registration does not include an exhibit space and does not allow for the set-up of any marketing materials (displays, posters, headshots, table-tent marketing, photos, etc.) in or around the exhibit hall. WAA provides this registration option for those who wish to be free of staffing an exhibit, or who contact WAA after the exhibit hall has sold out. Since an Agency Registration does not provide the same level of visibility as an exhibit space, an Agency Registration is therefore recommended only to those who are confident they do not need the visibility provided by a traditional exhibit space in order to conduct business or be successful at the Annual Conference.

An Agency Registration includes full access to the exhibit hall and Commons and all the benefits of a full-week delegate registration. For any Agency Registrations received no later than July 22, 2016, the attendee’s name, organization and cell phone are included on the Exhibitor List published to the WAA Conference Website as well as in the official Conference Guide. Agency Registrations received this date cannot be guaranteed placement in printed materials or exhibitor signage.

Agency Registrants are encouraged to use the many salon areas or open meeting tables that WAA provides in and around The Commons, however these areas are meant to be shared with the full delegation; agency registrants may not take up residence at any particular location. All Agency Registrations are bound by the Agency Registration Agreement (available for download soon). This agreement must be signed and returned to WAA before a registration is approved and completed. Dates are listed within the Agreement on the signature page. The Western Arts Alliance subscribes to the Ethical Guidelines of North American Performing Artist Managers and Agents (NAPAMA). By submitting an agency registration application, agency registrants agree to comply with the NAPAMA Guidelines.


Signage is only allowed for exhibitors who have been assigned exhibit spaces; signage is not allowed for Agency Registrations. Signage may only be placed within assigned exhibit areas, tabletops, or affixed to the Exhibitor’s own display; no signs or banners may be affixed to the facility’s walls, ceilings, floors, columns, or any other surface, nor placed on easels outside of the Exhibitor’s own display space. Exhibitors may not place signs, banners, printed materials, or any other items in any location outside of their assigned exhibit space or in any area of the facility outside The Commons unless otherwise granted permission by the Conference Manager for Independent Showcasing. Exhibitor may not block Fire Pulls, Fire Sirens, or Fire Extinguishers in or near their exhibit spaces. WAA reserves the right to restrict activities, and restrict or close exhibits which, in the opinion of WAA or its designee, become objectionable.