Exhibiting at WAA

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Please contact Conference Manager Jennifier Stewart about other options.

A Quick Summary of the Exhibitor Registration Process for WAA Members

  1. Become familiar with the exhibit spaces we offer.
  2. View the floor plan and make note of six preferred exhibit locations.
  3. Register for the conference online within your Rank’s registration period (a $500 deposit is collected).
    1. Exhibits are placed by lottery the day after each Rank closes.
    2. Exhibitors are notified of their placement by email, usually later that day.
  4. Return your Exhibitor Agreement by the deadline indicated.
  5. Pay the balance of your exhibit/registration fee.

(If you need assistance registering, please call on us: 503-274-4729.)

The Details

If you’re new to WAA, you’ll note that our exhibitor registration process works a little differently than other models you might be accustomed to.  Our application dates are based on your organization’s rank (how long your organization has been exhibiting at WAA) and placement in the hall is arranged via lottery within your rank.

In other words, registration is not first come first served.  Exhibitors have the entire window within their Rank to register.  We do our very best to place everyone in one of their top three selections, but we do ask that exhibitors provide six placement preferences when registering.  If you have questions about this process, please contact Conference Manager, Jennifier Stewart.


To be eligible to exhibit at the conference, an artist, manager, or agent must be a current WAA member, or staff of a current member, with all dues paid in full. (If you have questions about membership, please contact Membership Services & Communications Manager Tiffany Davis.)

To exhibit at the conference, you must submit your exhibit registration online when your rank is eligible to do so. The cost of your exhibit space includes one full registration. Additional individuals from your organization or agency, including artists on your roster, may attend the conference but must register separately. Please see our Registration Information page for further details.


Exhibitor registration periods are based on the number years their organization has been a member and exhibiting at WAA.

Exhibitor Registration Dates By Rank:

Rank 1 (10+ years exhibiting):  May 2 - 12
Rank 2 (5-9 years exhibiting):  May 18 – May 26
Rank 3 (2-4 years exhibiting):  June 2 – June 10
Rank 4 (1st year exhibiting):      June 17 – June 27

Rank Drops - Exhibitors are dropped back in Rank if a year of exhibiting is skipped (an exhibitor must complete one year in this dropped rank before being restored to their previous status), or membership lapses.  A lapse of membership of more than 365 days clears any exhibiting history accumulated and starts the individual over in Rank Four.