Conexiones: Engaging Latino Artist & Audiences

Conexiones: Engaging Latino Artist & Audiences     

Sunday, August 28
9am - 6pm
Downtown Dance and Movement Center

Price: $125 members | $175 nonmembers


In California, Latinos now outnumber whites. When the news was announced last summer, Marcelo Suárez-Orozco, a professor and dean of education at UCLA's Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, told the Los Angeles Times, “Where L.A. goes is where the rest of the state goes and where the rest of the country goes...We announce, demographically speaking, the future for the rest of the country.”

How are you positioning your company, agency, or program for this new world?

Conexiones: Engaging Latino Artists & Audiences is a day-long symposium for artists, agents, presenters, and anyone interested in building authentic, sustainable, and equitable relationships from the ground up. Conexiones will draw on Southern California’s leading Latino artists, business professionals, and marketers to explore the critical issues, including:

  • The historical context for Latin music in the U.S.
  • Secrets to building a loyal Latino audience (It’s not just marketing en Español).
  • Fostering diverse organizations: recruiting Latino board members, patrons staff, and volunteers.
  • Social media strategies for engaging Latino audience.

This dynamic program will use keynote speakers, panels, breakouts, and an open forum to deliver a content-rich day that will change the way you plan, manage, book, and promote.


The Conexiones Seminar seeks to expand authentic, sustainable conexiones (connections) and integration between the presenting industry and Latina/o artists and communities. To accomplish this broader goal, the seminar will:

  • Explore diverse identities and art forms within the general term "Latino"
  • Expand understanding of demographic trends within this community
  • Investigate various forms of meaningful engagement
  • Improve our understanding of Latino artist perspectives
  • Challenge our organizations and industry to not only connect, but to integrate

Who are Latinos?

The term “Latino” refers to an incredibly diverse array of communities and identities. Latinas/os in the U.S. include people of any race who have some connection to the cultures of Latin America (Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and the American Southwest). Some are first generation immigrants, others were here before the U.S. was formed. Latinos can be English dominant, Spanish dominant, speak other languages, or be multilingual. The majority are young and native born. With regard to artists, this survey considers U.S. Latino as well as Latin American artists whose work, whether traditional or contemporary, advances discussion and reflection of these particular identities and cultural legacies.

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Conexiones: Engaging Latino Artist & Audiences is supported by a grant from The James Irvine Foundation.