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Students, You Are Invited to Join Us!

The 2015 Western Arts Alliance Annual Conference

Vancouver, BC | August 31 - September 3

Westin Bayshore Hotel

1601 Bayshore Drive
Vancouver, BC V6G 2V4
Phone: +1(604) 682-3377

How to Register

Students who provide a copy of their current Student ID with their completed registration form may attend the conference for one day or the full week at a deeply discounted rate.

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  • All Access Student Pass - $150
    • Allows student to attend all conference activities including access to the exhibit hall. Hospitalities are extra. This pass also encourages participation in our Mentor & New Colleague Program.
  • One Day Student Pass - $60
    • Allows student to attend all conference activities including access to the exhibit hall for the date specified. Hospitalities are extra.

Western Arts Alliance invites students of the performing arts and arts management to be a part of the WAA Community.

What is WAA?

Western Arts Alliance (WAA) is a gathering of professionals in the performing arts field; our membership includes professionals from the many sides of the performing arts - from theaters, festivals, concert associations, arts councils, non-profit foundations in the arts, performing arts agencies, and artist companies in dance, theater-arts, and music. WAA members have access to over 2500 artists and over 200 presenting organizations through WAA's comprehensive database.

The Annual Conference

This is your chance to meet professionals, see the latest in performance, and discover the necessary tools and ideas for building a successful career in the arts. By attending the conference, you will become connected to a wide network of artists, managers, agencies, and presenting organizations. Whether you are looking for an internship, job, or to simply gain new perspectives, the WAA Conference is an ideal way to see what's at the forefront of the performing arts landscape in the West. The 2015 Conference will take place in Vancouver, BC, August 31 - September 3.

Interested in a career in the Performing Arts?

Learn who the major arts presenters are, who the agents and managers are, and what is current, of interest, and exciting in the marketplace. See performances from various disciplines that are actively touring today.

Interested in a career in Arts Management or Presenting?

Learn which arts institutions are actively presenting/supporting the arts. Meet executive directors, programmers, marketing personnel, and many others. Make the personal connections that could lead to internships or careers in the arts.

Interested in a career in Artist Representation?

Learn about management and booking, and mingle with those who have made a career of representing and guiding the careers of artists. Most of the major agencies are present at the WAA Conference.

The 2015 WAA Annual Conference is full of opportunities for connections & networking, performance & discovery, and expanding your skill set. WAA's Professional Development Program offers pre-conference seminars as well as in-conference workshops that are included in full registration.


Feel free to contact us by email at or by phone at 503-274-4729 at any time.