Exhibit Application Process

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To be eligible to exhibit at the conference, an artist, manager, or agent must be a current WAA member (or staff of a current member) with all dues paid in full. If you have questions about membership, please contact Membership Services & Communications Manager Tiffany Davis.

To exhibit at the conference, you must submit an exhibit registration online when your Rank is eligible (explained in the next section). The cost of your exhibit includes one delegate registration. Additional individuals from your organization or agency, including artists on your roster, may attend the conference but must register separately. Please see Registration Information for further details.

There are three steps to Exhibitor Registration:

  1. Your Exhibit or Agency Registration, which includes one individual registration.
  2. Signing of your Exhibitor Agreement (emailed to you with notification of exhibit placement).
  3. Submitting final payment for your exhibit space within 30 days of placement.

Once you have registered for the conference and have been assigned your exhibit space, all Exhibitors, including those with Agency Registrations, must read, sign, and return your Exhibitor Rental Agreement or Agency Registration Agreement to the WAA office in order for your registration to be completed.

Lottery Process & Rank

Exhibit Registration Dates

  • Rank 1 (10+ years exhibiting): May 1 - May 14
  • Rank 2 (5-9 years exhibiting): May 20 - June 3
  • Rank 3 (2-4 years exhibiting): June 9 - June 17
  • Rank 4 (1st year exhibiting): June 23 - July 3

Lottery Process

WAA uses a ranked system that is based on your membership and conference history to assign exhibit spaces during our registration and a lottery process for the Annual Conference. Given the wide range of exhibit types we offer, a finite inventory, and the various location options exhibitors have to choose from, the rank system spreads the inventory out over the exhibiting delegation.

Registration is not a first come first serve process. You have the entire window that your Rank is open in which to register. After the close of each rank, exhibit registrations are placed by lottery. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s requests, but we cannot guarantee any spaces until after the lottery is complete. If you have questions please contact Conference Manager Jennifier Stewart.

Determination of Rank

Rank is determined based on number of consecutive years exhibiting. All exhibitors must be current members of WAA.

Consecutive Year Exhibiting with WAA Your Rank This Year
10th or more Rank 1
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th Rank 2
2nd, 3rd or 4th Rank 3
1st Rank 4







Rank Drop

You will be dropped back in rank if:

  • You miss a year of exhibiting. You must complete one year in this dropped rank before you are restored to your previous rank status.
    • OR
  • Your membership lapses. A lapse of membership of more than 365 days clears any exhibiting history accumulated and starts you over in Rank Four.