Dine Arounds

Meet in the Westin Bayshore Lobby at 7:30 pm for 8:00 pm reservations.

IMPORTANT: Sign-up sheets are posted on the delegate bulletin board by registration.

Participants meet in the Westin Bayshore lobby by the front doors. Check sign-up sheets for exact departure times. Dinners are Dutch-treat and paying with cash is recommended.


Chinese; entrees $11-$30; www.dinesty.ca

Host:  Eleanor Oldham, 2Luck Concepts

Location: 1719 Robson Street. This is a ten minute walk.

In 2010, 2011 and 2012, we collectively won the prestigious Diner’s Choice “Best Dining Environment”, “Best Shanghainese Restaurant” and “Best Xiao Long Bao (soup dumpling)” awards. At Dinesty, we use only the freshest ingredients, top craftsmanship and the highest standard to create each and every single piece.

Left Bank

French; entrees $11-$30; http://www.leftbankvancouver.com

Host:  Lindy Sisson, The ACT Arts Center        

Location: 751 Denman Street. This is a six minute walk.

Soak up some sun on the generous patio, enjoy freshly shucked oysters at the bar, or settle in for the evening to catch up with friends. Left Bank's bright and bustling room is punctuated with living herbs, an authentic red leather banquet, and warm wood accents. A modern bistro menu that is unmistakably French and kissed by the French colonies.


Japanese, Sushi; entrees $12-$29; http://www.kingyo-izakaya.ca/

Host: Brooke Horejsi, UtahPresents/University of Utah   

Location: 871 Denman Street. This is a ten minute walk.

Upbeat izakaya with inspired decor, offering inventive Japanese small plates & bento boxes.

Hapa Izakaya

Japanese; entrees $11-$30; http://hapaizakaya.com/

Host: Nancy Christensen, Christensen Arts, LLC

Location: 1479 Robson Street. This is a five minute walk.

An award winning Restaurant, Hapa continues to offer a winning combination of Japanese cuisine, fun, and culture, paired with local seasonal and Ocean Wise ™ ingredients.

Cactus Club Café

Canadian (New); entrees $11-$30; http://www.cactusclubcafe.com/location/coal-harbour/

Host: Camille Barigar, Arts on Tour       

Location: 1085 Canada Place. This is a fifteen minute walk.

Cactus Club Cafe offers the best in global cuisine using local, fresh ingredients served in a vibrant, contemporary setting.

Prestons Restaurant & Lounge

Seafood, Canadian (New); entrees $11-$30; http://www.prestonsrestaurant.ca/vancouver/

Host: Jack Forman, BiCoastal Productions

Location: 1177 W Pender Street. This is a fifteen minute walk.

Prestons Restaurant + Lounge is the ideal location for lunch, after-work drinks, dinner with family and friends, or brunch on the patio. We use local and seasonal ingredients to create a menu that is innovative and refreshing.

Tuc Craft Kitchen

Canadian (New); entrees $11-$30; http://www.tuccraftkitchen.com/

Host: Brent Belsher, LE TRAIT D'UNION

Location: 60 Cordova Street (Walking: Meet @ 7:15 pm or Taxi: Meet @ 7:30 pm). This is a 30 minute walk or a ten minute taxi ride.

Our food is elegant, rustic, honest … from classic, nostalgic flavours to new inspired dishes. Paired with authentic cocktails, craft beer and a carefully curated wine list, it is dining at our family table. *Note: Walking will be along the harbor and will only occur with nice weather


Japanese, Sushi Bar; entrees $31-$60; http://minamirestaurant.com/

Host: Branislav Henselmann, Ballet BC

Location: 1118 Mainland Street. This is a fifteen minute taxi ride.

Traditionally trained Japanese chefs are inspired by global flavors and cutting edge techniques to create a new style of cuisine. Minami introduces the Aburi style or flame seared technique to Vancouver’s sushi scene.

Adesso Bistro

Italian; entrees $31-$60; www.adessobistro.net/

Host:  Dani Fecko, Fascinator Management    

Location: 1906 Haro Street. This is a fifteen minute walk.

With a menu that introduces traditional Italian fare to a modern culinary sensibility, Adesso Bistro's chefs have garnered acclaim from a host of publications including the Vancouver Courier and The Globe and Mail. Adesso's owners line its facade with lush vegetation and accent the dining room with dark wood tables and chairs.


**Image: Miku's most popular dish. Aburi means to flame sear. Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver/ Miku Restaurant**