Crossing the Border

Yes, you need a passport, no you don’t need an outlet adapter.

So Vancouver in 2015. You know this. You’ve been talking amongst your colleagues, and you admit that the idea of heading abroad is enticing. It will be different—a fresh, new city, and our first WAA conference across the border. And everyone is saying that Vancouver is a remarkable city: clear, vibrant, mountainous, trendy, edgy, artsy, and slightly salty sea-air-smelling. It will be exceptional.  But you’ve got some real concerns. “I’m sure it will be nice,” you say, “but isn’t everything in Canada more expensive? And won’t it be complicated to ship my stuff across the border? Heck, I don’t even know if my phone will work!” Yup, we hear you. And we’ve got the answers and info you need.

Traveling to Vancouver

For passport, visa, and transportation information, don't wait until the last minute. Vancouver might be just a hop and a skip, but it is in a different country.

What to Expect at Customs

Yes, US citizens need a passport to enter Canada, but other folks will actually need a Visa. We take you right to the source for more information.

Exhibiting in Canada

Wondering how you'll get your exhibit materials to Canada? Our preferred customs broker, North American Logistics Services, Inc. (NALSI), can help!