2015 Keynote Address

Shane Koyczan, photo by Kaare Iverson, courtesy of The Feldman Agency

2015 Western Arts Alliance Keynote Speaker

Shane Koyczan, Spoken Word Poet

Monday, August 31, 5:00 - 6:00 pm

Internationally recognized author and spoken word artist Shane Koyczan has emerged as a creator of poetry that dares to belong to the people and speak directly to them in their own voice. In 2013, he collaborated with animators to make the anti-bullying viral video “To This Day” which has had over 13 million views, and he performed a customized version “For the Bullied and the Beautiful” to acclaim at the 2013 International TED Conference in Long Beach, California.  Shane shapes his words and delivers in multi mediums from authored, video, spoken word, operatic, and musically performed. 

Watch Shane Koyczan's To This Day on Vimeo.