Sponsorship Opportunities

Jim Cassell of the Berkeley Agency a 2013 Conference Sponsor

Maximize your visibility!

Stand out in the crowd and build recognition as a leader in the field! Western Arts Alliance’s sponsorship program supplies powerful marketing and promotional leverage as it underwrites our annual program, keeps the conference accessible and affordable, and creates new and exciting opportunities for delegates.

WAA Sponsorships come in all shapes and sizes. Select one of the packages below, or call us today to customize a sponsorship designed to best meet your marketing objective and budget.


Annual Luncheon

SPONSORS: Eye for Talent and Cadenza Artists

Our largest sit-down event at the conference, take this exclusive opportunity to highlight your artist(s) for a 20 minute spotlight performance with a captive audience and a lunch featuring the Seattle area's finest cuisine. 


Besides business, hospitality, and performance, what do delegates go away with from the Conference? You guessed it…a Conference Bag, a Credentials holder, and Highlighter Pens! Brand these with your logo and you’d be surprised at how often they turn up outside of the conference. 

Conference Name Badge Sheet

SPONSOR: Robin Klinger Entertainment

Be first, front and center at the conference! Every attendee will recognize your organization on their name badge sheet when they check in to the Seattle Conference. Two spots still available to market your venue, artist, logo, website and more: use the perforated sheet to your advantage and create your very own discount or special offer card - redeemable by visiting your exhibit! Deadline for inclusion July 25. Contract, payment and artwork must be received by this date. 

Conference Bags

SPONSOR: Opus 3 Artists

Carry your dollar the farthest by sponsoring WAA tote bags. Versatile and reusable, this dashing tote will be carried throughout the conference and back at home. 

Conference Bag Insert

SPONSORS: Kamstar Artist Management, New World Classics, Monterey International, Quebec Government Office in Los Angeles, Starvox Booking

Get your marketing schwag on! With this sponsorship, WAA will insert your promotional material – from a CD to a bar of chocolate with your picture on it (be creative!) – into each delegate conference bag handed out upon arrival in Seattle. You can also choose a specific delegate group if you wish: Presenters, Artists Managers, and more!  Deadline for inclusion July 31.

Badge Holders & Lanyards

SPONSOR: Swallow Hill Music

Be omnipresent! This steadfast sponsorship is what it's all about: you can't go anywhere without your credential. All day, every day, Badges.

Highlighter Pen

Picture this: a presenter, fishing in their pockets for a pen, and they pull out…YOURS! Your name at every presenter’s fingertips – what more could you want? Be the one to provide them this essential conference tool.


What better way for you to greet the delegation first thing than during their hotel check-in? Keycards provide a colorful marker that will be used over and over throughout the day. Not only can it display your logo and photos, but it can also advertise a showcase listing, artist details or a discount ticket option

Elevator Clings

SPONSOR: Ed Keane Associates

Pack a 7-foot high x 4-foot wide visual punch -- before WAA delegates even reach the exhibit hall! 

Education & Insight

WAA’s Professional Development program addresses the important issues of the performing arts field today, helping build critical knowledge, reinforce essential techniques, and inspire new strategies. Through WAA’s Professional Development Institute, to Roundtables Workshops & Panels, Professional Development inspires education and professional advancement for the WAA community.

Professional Development


In this challenging and changing environment many of us seek new strategies to sustain our mission, tighten our belts, or even reinvent programs. WAA’s professional development program addresses these challenges by offering educational programs taught by leaders in the field on subjects that range from building critical core knowledge to finding new approaches, techniques, and tactics. Through these workshops, forums, panels, speakers, publications, and mentoring, WAA seeks to strengthen your ability to fulfill your organization’s mission, accomplish goals, and advance your career. Your sponsorship would be a beacon for the educational and professional advancement for the WAA community.

Opening Plenary: WAA Awards Ceremony & Keynote Address

SPONSORS: Broadway Center for the Performing Arts and Edmonds Center for the  Arts

Share in this special moment with the whole delegation! This high profile sponsor opportunity supports the most important speaker at the conference while honoring the hard work and achievement of our peers. Demonstrate your organization’s values by supporting the best and the brightest of the field – bring brilliance to our conference! Awards are granted in the areas of mentoring, service, innovation, and leadership.

New Colleagues Orientation


Make a big impression at an intimate event! This treasured event on the opening day is a great way for a sponsor to welcome first-time conference attendees and the scores of returning delegates that guide and mentor our new colleagues.

Speed Leads

Take one part blind date, one part pitch session, one part niche-marketing, and two parts of your passion and what do you get? Speed Leads, WAA’s professional mixer.  Be the first to present to the full room of presenters your (2) minute video or pitch and be front and center like no other participant in the room.  One two-minute pitch is allowed in each of the Speed Lead rooms at the start of the session to a room full of presenters – but MUST be appropriate to the topic of the room.  This time slot would be considered one of two spots you'd be allowed during this Speed Lead session for a total of 4 minutes.


WAA hosts an array of Hospitality Events, scheduled to give our delegates time to relax and enjoy themselves. WAA events provide excellent networking opportunities for discovering new acquaintances and reconnecting with old friends. Just as attendees rely on WAA Hospitality events to connect with colleagues, event sponsorship bonds your organization, agency or artists to the whole delegation.

Opening Reception

SPONSORS: IMG Artists and WAA Board

Celebrate another year at WAA while sponsoring the largest event of the conference. The Opening Reception kicks off our week of business, performance, and networking. It is an integral part of every delegate’s experience...it’s the first social event of the conference!

The Commons Walk-Through

SPONSORS: Newman Center for the Performing Arts, University of Denver and Paradigm

Experience what WAA’s exhibit hall is all about before it officially opens; you’ll get a chance to view how other organizations have maximized their displays and exhibit spaces with creativity and branding.

Hospitality Break

SPONSOR: The Music Center

In the midst of the conference when there is so much to do and so much going on, a "timeout" for adults is the perfect way to energize. You'll be applauded throughout The Commons for bringing a little hospitality and social hour into the exhibit hall!

WAA's Showcase Soiree 

SPONSORS: ICM Partners, Rocky Mountain Arts Consortium, and Noble Wines
SUPPORTING SPONSORS: Barnard Griffin, Charles Smith Wines, Tamarack, Novelty Hill, Hedges, Powers

Spend an afternoon enjoying WAA's Hospitality and Juried Showcase Program. Present your WAA credential upon arrival and savor a glass of wine before or after a particular showcase, mingle with artists after their performance, and chat with colleagues about a group you've just seen or are about to see. Join in the music, dance, and performance of WAA’s Showcase Soiree!

Closing Night Party

SPONSOR: Seattle Theatre Group and BC Arts Groups Supporting WAA
SUPPORTING SPONSORS: BC Touring Council, Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC

Get the last word… sponsor WAA's Closing Event! The perfect way to strut your stuff, toast friends and colleagues, and unwind from a busy week.

General Conference Support

General Conference Support helps sustain WAA’s mission to advance performing arts presenting and underwrites core conference functions. Share in WAA’s vision of a focused and innovative marketplace where discovery and connection lead the field.

WAA wishes to extend a special thank you to all the generous conference sponsors for supporting a productive week last year in Los Angeles, CA!