Exhibitor Policies & Procedures

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Exhibit Application Process

To be eligible to exhibit at the conference, an artist, manager, or agent must be a current WAA member (or staff of a current member) with all dues paid in full. If you have questions about membership, please contact Membership Services & Communications Manager Tiffany Davis.

To exhibit at the conference, you must submit an exhibit registration online when your Rank is eligible (explained in the next section). The cost of your exhibit includes one delegate registration. Additional individuals from your organization or agency, including artists on your roster, may attend the conference but must register separately. Please see Registration Information for further details.

There are three steps to Exhibitor Registration:

  1. Your Exhibit or Agency Registration.
  2. Your Individual Registration, to be completed after your Exhibit Registration.
  3. Signing of your Exhibitor Agreement (emailed to you with notification of exhibit placement).

Once you have registered for the conference and have been assigned your exhibit space, all Exhibitors, including those with Agency Registrations, must read, sign, and return your Exhibitor Rental Agreement or Agency Registration Agreement to the WAA office in order for your registration to be completed.

Lottery Process & Rank

Exhibit Registration Dates

  • Rank 1 (10+ years exhibiting): May 1 - May 15
  • Rank 2 (5-9 years exhibiting): May 21 - June 4
  • Rank 3 (2-4 years exhibiting): June 10 - June 17
  • Rank 4 (1st year exhibiting): June 23 - July 3

Lottery Process

WAA uses a ranked system that is based on your membership and conference history to assign exhibit spaces during our registration and a lottery process for the Annual Conference. Given the wide range of exhibit types we offer, a finite inventory, and the various location options exhibitors have to choose from, the rank system spreads the inventory out over the exhibiting delegation.

Registration is not a first come first serve process. You have the entire window that your Rank is open in which to register. After the close of each rank, exhibit registrations are placed by lottery. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s requests, but we cannot guarantee any spaces until after the lottery is complete. If you have questions please contact Conference Manager Jennifer Stewart.

Agency Registration

An Agency Registration is an alternative to traditional booth exhibition - this type of registration does not include an exhibit space and does not allow for the set-up of any marketing materials (displays, posters, headshots, table-tent marketing, photos, etc.) in or around the exhibit hall. WAA provides this registration option for those who wish to be free of staffing an exhibit or who contact WAA after the exhibit hall has sold out. Since an Agency Registration does not provide the same level of visibility as an exhibit space, an Agency Registration is therefore recommended only to those who are confident they do not need the visibility provided by a traditional exhibit space in order to conduct business at the Annual Conference.

An Agency Registration does include full access to the exhibit hall and all the benefits of a full-week delegate registration. For any Agency Registrations received before July 18, 2014, the attendee’s name, organization and cell phone are included on the Exhibitor List published to the WAA Conference Website as well as in the official Conference Guide. Agency Registrations received after July 18, 2014 cannot be guarenteed placement in printed materials or exhibitor signage. Agency Registrants are encouraged to use the many salon areas or open meeting tables that WAA provides in and around The Commons, however these areas are meant to be shared with the full delegation; agency registrants may not take up residence at any particular location. All Agency Registrations are bound by the Agency Registration Agreement (available for download soon). This agreement must be signed and returned to WAA before a registration is approved and completed. Dates are listed within the Agreement on the signature page. The Western Arts Alliance subscribes to the Ethical Guidelines of North American Performing Artist Managers and Agents (NAPAMA). By submitting an agency registration application, agency registrants agree to comply with the NAPAMA Guidelines.

Determination of Rank

Rank is determined based on number of consecutive years exhibiting. All exhibitors must be current members of WAA.

Exhibiting this year will your _ year at WAA Your Rank This Year
10th or more Rank 1
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th Rank 2
2nd, 3rd or 4th Rank 3
1st Rank 4








Rank Drop

You will be dropped back in rank if:

  • You miss a year of exhibiting. You must complete one year in this dropped rank before you are restored to your previous rank status.
    • OR
  • Your membership lapses. A lapse of membership of more than 365 days clears any exhibiting history accumulated and starts you over in Rank Four.

Exhibitor Policies & Guidelines

Exhibitor Agreement & Ethical Guidelines

All exhibitors are bound by the Exhibitor Rental Agreement (available for download soon). This agreement must be signed and returned to WAA after an application is approved and the exhibit assigned. Dates are listed below and within the Agreement on the signature page. The Western Arts Alliance subscribes to the Ethical Guidelines of North American Performing Artist Managers and Agents (NAPAMA). By submitting an exhibit application, exhibitors agree to comply with the NAPAMA Guidelines.

Exhibitor Agreement Return Deadline*

  • Rank 1: May 23
  • Rank 2: June 14
  • Rank 3: June 27
  • Rank 4: July 11

*Your registration will not be complete until WAA has received your signed exhibitor agreement by the date specified for your exhibitor rank.

Display Restrictions & Guidelines

Restrictions Applied to All Exhibit Types

  • All audiovisual equipment must be equipped with headphones.
  • WAA prohibits live performance in The Commons except as specifically designated.
  • Artists may not appear in character or costume within The Commons.
  • Displays must not interfere or obstruct neighboring exhibit spaces.
  • Aisles cannot be incorporated as part of an exhibit space.

Alternative Display Restrictions

Café Tabletop, Bistro Tabletop, Mini Lounge, Half Booth

  • Additional furniture is not allowed to be ordered for this exhibit type except magazine rack.
  • Display in these exhibit types must be self standing.
  • One retractable banner, not to exceed 36” wide x 96” high, is allowed for this exhibit within your exhibit foot print. Free standing banners must be free standing and positioned at the back of the space. Another smaller free standing poster is allowed that can lean against the front of your table that does not exceed 40" high by 24" wide (see below for more on Retractable Banners).
  • Nothing is permitted to stand on table surfaces over 24” from the tabletop’s surface.
  • Audio equipment or other displays must be positioned on the tabletop and should not stand over 24” from the tabletop's surface. An additional stand can be rented through the Decorator or Hotel for your AV equipment and run along the back of your space.
  • All free standing displays should be single sided and should not contain moving parts that infringe upon neighboring exhibits.
  • Exhibits may not block Fire Pulls, Fire Sirens, or Fire Extinguishers in or near their exhibit spaces.
  • Mini Lounge exhibits allow one 36” x 96” retractable display to be positioned along the longer side of the exhibit space facing the aisle. Retractables taller than 4’ are not allowed anywhere else in exhibit space except along the back wall of the space.
  • These exhibit types have a 3’ tall pipe and drape along the back of the space, but not the sides of the space. There will be a small taped line around the perimeter of your space.

Pipe and Drape Booth Restrictions

8’ deep x 8’ wide, 8’ deep x 10' wide
  • A 10’ wide display will NOT fit in the 8’ deep x 8’ wide exhibit spaces.
  • Retractable banners and/or pop-up displays are allowed but should not protrude more than 4’ from the back of the exhibit so that sight lines are open.
  • Exhibitor may not block Fire Pulls, Fire Sirens, or Fire Extinguishers in or near their exhibit spaces.
  • All displays and/or equipment over 3’ tall may not protrude more than 4’ from the back wall and may not stand more than 24” from the tabletop’s surface it stands on; this includes magazine racks, easels with display, and retractable banners.

Retractable Displays

Retractable displays can save money, time, and energy. Retractable displays should be single sided and not contain moving parts that infringe upon neighboring exhibits. There are a variety of styles and makes, but most retractable displays use a rollershade-like technology to unroll and set up a fabric display panel. They are relatively inexpensive, versatile, and make a big visual impact. Many retractable exhibits are small enough to carry aboard a plane, light enough to walk into the hall, and are a breeze to set up. Most vendors also offer collapsible brochure racks.

Searching the internet will yield dozens of vendors offering compact display materials. To help you get started, here are a few selected vendors from around the country:


Signage is only allowed for exhibitors who have been assigned exhibit spaces; signage is not allowed for Agency Registrations. Signage may only be placed within assigned exhibit areas, tabletops, or affixed to the Exhibitor’s own display; no signs or banners may be affixed to the facility’s walls, ceilings, floors, columns, or any other surface, nor placed on easels outside of the Exhibitor’s own display space. Exhibitors may not place signs, banners, or any other items in any location outside of their assigned exhibit space or in any area of the facility outside The Commons unless otherwise granted permission by the Conference Manager for Independent Showcasing. Exhibitor may not block Fire Pulls, Fire Sirens, or Fire Extinguishers in or near their exhibit spaces. WAA reserves the right to restrict activities, and restrict or close exhibits which, in the opinion of WAA or its designee, become objectionable.

Cancellation Policies & Procedures for Exhibitors*

  • Conference Registration
    • Conference registrations will be refunded when requested at least 30 days prior to the conference. The administrative fee for a cancelled registration or PDI is 30%.
    • All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing. Any cancellation requests received after July 31 will be approved at the discretion of the Executive Director. If approved, late cancellations will be subject to an administrative fee equal to 40% of the total registration.
  • Conference Exhibits
    • Conference exhibits may be canceled up to 45 days before the conference only if WAA is able to resell the exhibit. The administrative fee for a cancelled exhibit space or agency registration is 30%.
  • Full Policy
    • Click here to review the full Western Arts Alliance Refund & Cancellation policy.

*Hospitalities are non-refundable.

Exhibitor Load-In

Exhibitor Load-In is from 7:30 am - 12:00 pm on Wednesday, September 3 (see full conference schedule). Late load-in is not allowed unless prior consent is granted by the Conference Manager in writing. Please respect your colleagues and DO NOT set up while your neighbors are trying to conduct business.

Exhibitor Tear-Down

Exhibitor Tear-Down is from 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm on Friday, September 5 (see full conference schedule). The dismantling of an exhibit space before the conclusion of show hours on Saturday, September 8 will result in a reduction of one rank in the exhibitor ranking system for the following conference. Exceptions are made only when prior notice has been given to Conference Manager Laura Ricker in writing. Please respect your colleagues and DO NOT strike while your neighbors are trying to conduct business.

Late Registrations / Exhibitor Waiting List

Late applications will be processed after the exhibit lottery and may be assigned an exhibit if space is available. Once The Commons is sold out, WAA will begin an exhibitor waitlist. In order to be placed on the waitlist, one must be a member with dues paid in full and purchase an agency registration (see below). When and if space becomes available, WAA will assign exhibit spaces to the waitlisted exhibitor(s) in order of payments made, and will then charge for any balance due.