Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics of the Western Arts Alliance applies to all members (both organizations and their affiliated employees or associates). WAA’s Code of Ethics describes standards of behavior that embody a commitment to professional honesty and integrity. Members will conduct their professional duties in accordance with this code:

  • Western Arts Alliance expects professional conduct at all times while at sponsored (i.e., conference) events.
  • One will make a personal commitment to professional honesty and integrity.
  • One will always conduct one's professional activities in good faith.
  • One will not breach professional confidences.
  • One will not abuse one's professional affiliation by seeking inappropriate benefits that result in personal gain.
  • One will not engage in activities where one has a real or perceived conflict of interest.
  • One will conduct one's business within the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and governmental and institutional regulations.

By joining WAA, all members agree to subscribe to the Code of Ethics. This Code of Ethics was adopted by the Western Arts Alliance Board of Directors on April 9, 2018.